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Fluid… but Progressing

Fluid… but Progressing

In our last update on June 30th we were able to say that our work permit applications were on their way to PNG. They arrived on July 19th and a few days later the last of the paperwork required to submit the applications was completed! However, by then PNG had initiated a new government shutdown in response to new cases of COVID-19. That shutdown was lifted yesterday. That, in short, is the last six weeks!

As of yesterday, there have been 269 cases of COVID-19 among the approximately 7.5 million people of PNG. 78 people have recovered and 191 cases remain active. That’s a low per-capita rate compared to the US but they are being extremely cautious as the level of health care available in PNG is limited.

Prayer Point: Yesterday, the 55 new cases was the highest daily total to date. Please pray that this trend would not continue. Also, pray that Immigration office would get back up to speed quickly so our work permit applications can be submitted.

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