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The Bradley Family

Pardon our lack of communication, the country’s internet is experiencing unusual problems preventing us from receiving and sending regular emails and updates. Thanks for your support and understanding!

“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.  I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Isaiah 41:10

The COVID 19 numbers continue to increase in Ethiopia. We now have ~12,000 confirmed cases in the country. We choose, though, not to live in a state of fear but rather to lean on God as our strength and help in times of trouble. We’re grateful there are no new recorded cases in our town of Bahir Dar since the two week lockdown in April. 

Life has returned to a new sense of normal for our family. We go to outdoor restaurants and take lots of walks. Many people, however, are fearful of the virus, so restaurants and businesses are hurting financially. Also, the Ethiopian currency continues to devalue against the US dollar, which increases the cost of living for many people. With business closures and a rise of cost of living, many people are hurting and waiting anxiously for what the future might hold.

Supporting People & Ministries During Covid Times

We continue to support a local Christian ministry, The Grace Center, which is a government approved food distribution center. This ministry has been providing food for hundreds of individuals during this time who are in great need.

By God’s leading we entered a relief pact with our partner denomination, the Word of Life Church, also known as EKHC. With church gatherings closed due to the state of emergency, and no option to give online, the local churches presently do not have the income to pay its ministers. In response to this pressing need, several meetings were held between the EKHC regional church leaders and Chad and another foreign missionary who works at the college. A relief agreement was created to provide financial support for six months (May-October) for four church regions in northwest Ethiopia, totaling approximately 50 pastors, evangelists, and missionaries. The motivation was to meet basic needs during a genuine crisis as well as provide the time necessary for the denominational leaders to re-evaluate and prepare for a new strategy of ministry due to Covid. Even after Covid, the economic situation in Ethiopia might not recover to pre-Covid form for a long time. So the churches must adapt in order to achieve a sustainable future and not depend on foreign money to maintain a form of ministry that might no longer be sustainable. A big ‘Thank You’ to all our ministry partners who made the Pastor’s Pandemic Relief possible. God is using our partnership with you to meet the life essential needs of these 50 ministers as well as hopefully give the denomination a leg-up in preparing for sustainable ministry in the future.

Bible College by Extension

Students traveled to t

he Bible College to receive TEE course materials.

With schools closed in Ethiopia, Chad and the College’s professors altered the format of education to Theological Education by Extension (TEE). Chad prepared a course on Christ and Salvation by using material written by a former SIM missionary named Dr. Steve Strauss, who’s life had a tremendous impact on Ethiopia during his years of service. Chad and the other professors printed out and distributed the course materials to the students so that they might study and learn at home. One student from each NW region traveled to Bahir Dar to receive the course materials and receive instructions and then returned home to distribute everything to the students in their region. It is a season of learning and growing for everyone involved.

Disciplining Youth

Nancy has had the opportunity to disciple two teenagers who live in our neighborhood. Shalom (14) and Axan (12) come to our house Monday and Wednesday afternoons and meet outside in our backyard. They’ve been studying biblical perspectives on topics such as integrity, guilt, stress, self imagine and how to handle anger. It’s been a sweet time of reading God’s word together and applying God’s truth to different areas of life where the girls might be struggling.

Loving Our Neighbors