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Spain Missionary Report

Dear Brethren,

In the unique circumstances in which we are living, we must remember the prayer of Jabez ("Pain") who against fatalism, invoked God for (1) Blessing, "O, if you would only give me a blessing.." (2) Growth, "...and enlarge my territory.." (3) strength, "...and your hand would be with me..."

(4) protection, "and deliver me from evil so that it does not harm me"

"And God granted him what he asked" (1 Chronicles 4:10)

Praise and Prayer

  • Thank you so much for praying for Pablo, Joel and Amis collaborator in their ministry of starting a church in Madrid. He has been in the hospital for almost 50 days, was disconnected from the artificial lung this week and is still on a ventilator and sedated. We continue to wait on the Lord.

  • We finally celebrated the wedding of Rumen and Lea in the Church in Santander on May 1st. we were only the two of them, two sisters of the bride and the husband of one of them, as a witnesses, and Sergio. The family was able to be present on Zoom.

  • We continue to meet with the church through in Santander twice a day, morning and evening, every day of the week, for a time of prayer and Bible study. in addition, the ladies of the church have an additional meeting on Tuesdays, the youth on Saturdays, and Sunday school for the children is now "Saturday School". All by Skype.

  • We continue to pray that the calendars with a devotional evangelistic reading for each day of the year that we have distributed by the hundreds in Santander and Reinosa will be used by the Spirit to touch many hearts in these days of uncertainty and fear in many.

  • In Spain the forced confinement is beginning to relax. the evangelistic churches are free to restart a weekly meeting from May 17th. The leadership of our church in Santander has decided to wait before going ahead with meetings under a series of conditions that give very little room for action.

In the Love of Jesus, with much Gratitude,

Sergio and Miriam Ramirez

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