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A Letter from the Abbassis

Dear friends and partners,

Greetings to all!

Scripture reveals God to be an ideal Father: He is patient and slow to anger, compassionate, nurturing and understanding. He is a wise counselor who gently instructs us and leads us along paths of wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

Dr. Nabeeh taught on zoom 30 trainees from 12 Latin American countries for five weeks about understanding the Arab worlds cultural values in order to mobilize them to come and be salt and light to our region. One of the trainees shared "Today's class was powerful, It made an impact on all of us and was very challenging and encouraging, Thank you."

Not everyone who has the title of a pastor indeed has a shepherds heart. one of the great privileges in our life is to have known so many incredible spiritual leaders who genuinely do have and exhibit a shepherd's heart. Thank you, Pr. Nabeeh, for you have been one true shepherd and father. Thank you for caring for ACCTS staff and serving God and His people lovingly and relentlessly.


Online Training Coming Soon!!

The team is as busy as a beaver with all the preparations taking place for our discipleship online journey with about 90 young women that shall start the end of June and continue throughout July. These women will embark on a journey of growth as we guide, assist and assess their growth journey. Many are seeking meaning, identity, development and influence.


Social Media Fruit in the Lens of our Beneficiaries

Interaction and involvement in this campaign on identity that took place during May and June was phenomenal, It has motivated women to share encouraging testimonies, which confirms that the message has been delivered.

They shared expressions like "I am not my flesh. I am not my past. I ma not what the society says." motivating other women to follow the page. it is rewarding to see the impact and witness of loyal advocates who believe in our mission.

"Since i began to pray for guidance before shooting the video, i asked the Lord to clarify the message he wanted me to share. He gave me this verse from Psalm 139:14, "i praise you, for i am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works ; my soul knows it very well." Many things happened during this period, which encouraged me to come closer to myself despite the occupations to know myself better and realize my unique identity in the Lord. He wonderfully made me not because of goodness in me, but because he perceives us as wonderful in beauty. He helped me comprehend his grace in the many circles of my life. Such as the workplace, and the ministry, things i used to count ordinary but not anymore!" - Sandy



Praise you, Lord for sustaining your team with resilience, inspiration and counsel through this unusual uncertainty. We do not know what the future holds, but we trust in the One who owns it all. We can still see you holding our hands, comforting and leading the way. You always humble our hearts and fill them with awe of your presence, and in you, we find refuge.

Thank you, father, for you are El Shaddai, the All-sufficient One. You are more than sufficient to meet our needs. Thanks for bestowed power and provision. We are grateful for the harvest you are growing in our field of ministry. Bless your name.


Pray for us to endure in such a time of economic challenges affecting us all. Your prayers and financial support can keep us going and make an everlasting impact in God's kingdom.

Pray for wisdom, direction and fruitful results, Covid-19 has brought many challenges to our ministry and changes to how we are doing it.

Pray for us to rest in Him, as we are so busy in the ministry

Pray for Nabeehs youngest son Randy, for his return to Jordan to join a media ministry

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