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A Letter from the Abbassis

Dear Friends and Partners,

The World is still facing the Covid-19 crisis that brought us health challenges, death, economic recession, and frustration; however, it taught us how to re prioritize and acknowledge what is important. There were many difficulties at all levels, but we have been flexible and learning lessons for growth and improvement. while they advise us to keep physical distance from one another, yet we are drawing closer to our Heavenly Father, enjoying his care for he has been our good shepherd, and loving Father during this crisis. He provided not only our physical needs but also comfort, strength and peace.

Two months ago, no one expected that we would be staying at home for such a long time, We hoped it would be a matter of days, but it turned out to be weeks and months. however, the ACCTS team is back to the office once a week to meet and plan. The team did their best to adapt to the change, showing great dedication and generosity in stewarding time and effort. We celebrate each other and everything we could achieve.

This Pandemic brought about opportunities to help and serve our community as well. The month of May in particular, has been challenging yet fruitful and opened doors to creativity, We are delighted to share our journey with you for May. We encourage you to read and pray for us.

A Regional Prayer Campaign

AWT Joined the global wave of prayer calling all Christians to pray in May. What happens when women from various Arab countries join in prayer for God's work in their lives and countries? Anything can happen! The power of God is manifested, and prayers are answered. AWT conducted an organized 10-day prayer campaign. Each day focused on a country or region in the Arab world with specific prayer requests sent by our women ambassadors. On the tenth day, we came together for an online meeting of worship and prayer.

Online Platforms from Vision to Reality

ACCTS excelled in worked remotely. AWT started holding training and special meetings on zoom. The first online training focused on how to succeed in your life roles and gathered women from six Arab countries. Being consumed in their roles, we seized this quarantine opportunity to make real differences in their lives, helping them set and manage their priorities.

Ruba Abbassi shared a heartfelt message based on David's words in Psalm 9:9, encouraging women who are facing challenges and many responsibilities. Affirming that the source of their strength comes from the Lord: their father, refuge and strength. She encouraged them to fix their eyes on the one who can help them overcome the weaknesses, and satisfy the needs by his power and divine wisdom "a very present help in trouble" (Psalm 46:1)

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